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  • Brett Balzer, AIA LEED AP Partner

    As founding partner at Balzer and Tuck Architecture, Brett Balzer has more than 20 years experience designing, managing, and leading residential, institutional and commercial projects. 

    p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4009

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  • Michael Tuck, AIA LEED AP Partner

    As a partner at Balzer and Tuck, Michael Tuck is an award-winning designer with more than 20 years experience and a portfolio that features a variety of architectural styles.

    p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4008

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  • Shawn Corp, AIA Senior Associate, Studio Director

    Shawn Corp, senior associate and studio director, has more than 20 years of experience in multi-family and commercial design, project management, and contract administration.

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  • Christine Nickerson, AIA
    Christine Nickerson, AIA Project Manager

    Christine is a Project Manager on single-family residential projects. With experience creating renderings and conceptual design graphics, she helps clients visualize their future homes. She also supports the firm’s marketing projects, managing digital programs and award submissions. Christine has a bachelor’s of architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has been licensed in New York since 2016.

    p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4011

Randall joined the Balzer and Tuck team as a Project Manager with 8 years of experience in residential and hospitality projects. As a 2014 graduate of SUNY Alfred with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology, Randall seeks to translate client goals into practical and efficient design solutions.


p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4021

Born and raised in Argentina, Denisse graduated as an Architect in Buenos Aires. Denisse has gained experience with multi family, single family, residential and mixed-use buildings while working in New York City before joining the Balzer & Tuck team. She now assists with all project types within the office.


p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4017

  • Erin Conklin
    Erin Conklin

Erin joined Balzer & Tuck with 13 years experience in architecture; multi-family residential, commercial and institutional. Originally from Michigan, she holds a M. Arch from the University of Michigan.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4019

  • Artur Dabrowski, RA
    Artur Dabrowski, RA

Artur joined Balzer & Tuck Architecture after being a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, bringing expertise in hospitality design which he gained while working in New York City. As a Registered Architect, he holds a Bachelor of Architecture from The City College of New York. He brings with him a level of thoughtfulness which contributes to the experience and details of the spaces we design.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4018

  • Trevor Flynn, RA
    Trevor Flynn, RA

With a decade of experience in custom home building and construction, Trevor supports the Balzer and Tuck team with building assemblies and construction details. Applying his integrated approach, Trevor focuses on sustainable and efficient designs for multi-family and institutional projects. Trevor earned his bachelor’s of architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4013

  • Jenna Kulek
    Jenna Kulek

Jenna joined the Balzer & Tuck team as a summer intern while finishing up her studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After successful completion of their Bachelor of Architecture program, Jenna transitioned to full-time. She now assists with all project types in the office with a focus on single-family residential design and documentation.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4014

  • Dennis McGowan
    Dennis McGowan

With experience in residential construction, construction documentation, and client and consultant coordination, Dennis manages residential projects and supports multi-family and commercial work. Dennis earned both a bachelor’s and master’s of architecture from Roger Williams University and is an associate member of the AIA.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4012

  • Waynette Roberts
    Waynette Roberts Studio Coordinator

As studio coordinator, Waynette analyzes problems, simplifies procedures and identifies innovative solutions. She is involved in everything from office management, to bookkeeping, and project administration. Before joining Balzer and Tuck, Waynette worked in various management and coordination roles for health, military, and economic development organizations.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4007

  • Peter Urban
    Peter Urban

Peter is a team member for single family, multi-family and commercial projects. A recent graduate of the University at Buffalo with a Master of Architecture degree, Peter brings a passion for exploring the appropriate use of wood into buildings and structures. Peter’s focus is on investigating material use as an integrated approach to sustainable design.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4015

  • Stephanie Yaeger
    Stephanie Yaeger

Stephanie is a recent graduate of Roger Williams University where she earned both her Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees. With a focus on sustainable design and creating a healthier built environment while at Roger Williams, she now helps with all project types within the office and incorporates her interests into our designs.

p: 518.580.8818 Ext. 4016

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