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Home. It’s where you witness the sun rise, the stars shine, and your family flourish.

Home represents something different to everyone. Our commitment is to learn what it means to you. We’ll walk you through a detailed process as we gain your trust, build a relationship, and express your ideas in a design that supports the life you imagine.

Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, we have a keen sense for architecturally-defined communities. So whether you’re in a New England village, a Berkshire mountain town, or on a secluded Adirondack lake, we’re able to adapt our approach as we design custom concepts that feel like they’ve always belonged.

Are you dreaming of a Craftsman or a Colonial? Adirondack timber frame or mid-century modern? Our team is experienced in a wide variety of styles. Because for us, home is about the people who live there and we’ll listen for what’s most important to you as we tailor our design until it feels uniquely yours.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
What’s a typical day like in your life?
Does your family relax in the kitchen or the living room?
Do you get ready for work at the same time as your spouse?
How do you define ‘home’?

Ready to hire an architect?

From beginning to end, here’s a snapshot of the Balzer and Tuck residential architecture and design experience.


Step 1: Getting to Know You

Through a one-on-one interview, we’ll strive to understand how you see yourself using your new home or space, clarify goals, and begin to define the scope and budget. We may also do an initial walkthrough of the site, collecting details on views, lighting, and more.


Step 2: Proposal

After our initial meeting, we will prepare a Proposal for Architectural Services. In the proposal we include a draft program, preliminary budget range, and a fee schedule.


Step 3: Existing Conditions

If remodeling a home, we will create an “existing conditions” model so we can determine the existing building’s form, layout, and structural system.


Step 4: Programming and Conceptual Design

The art in architecture is still found in a hand sketch and every one of our projects starts with pen on paper. Once we’ve found a way to pull your individual needs into a unique design, we’ll present sketch plans, elevation drawings, and exterior three-dimensional studies so you can see your future home.


Step 5: Schematic Design

With your program and budget in place, we will translate the concepts into schematic design drawings for your review. If required, these will be brought to any zoning, planning and/or design review boards for approval. These drawings will also be used to establish your builder/general contractor team and preliminary cost estimates. If a bid process is preferred, we’ll distribute the Schematic Design drawings and/or the upcoming construction documents to multiple contractors so we can help guide the selection of your desired team.


Step 6: Construction Documentation

With the design work complete, we begin the process of detailing all of the material and systems in construction documents. These documents are distributed to your contractor/builder team for contract pricing. The construction documents are also submitted to your local building department to secure the building permit and will be kept on site as a set to ensure every element remains in harmony with the original concepts.


Step 7: Contract Administration

We remain at your side to the very end. Conducting site visits, collaborating with contractors, and keeping a close eye on the quality of the work, we become part of the larger team working together to bring your project to life.

A timber frame vacation home nestled on the shores of Lake George.
The adaptive reuse of a historic property in the heart of Saratoga Springs.

Teaming with the Balzer and Tuck for the design of our small horse farm and home was the right investment to achieve our perfect home.

Jim and Lisa Sasko, Seven Gables Farm

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