Warner Bay Residence: Summer home turned year-round destination

Adirondack Cabin Renovation

Initially purchased as a summer residence, this Adirondack cabin needed to be expanded and renovated when a growing family decided to turn it their year-round home. The owners worked with Balzer and Tuck to reimagine the building and create an Adirondack destination to accommodate entertainment, relaxation and daily living.

Focused on maintaining the charm of the original cabin, the new design incorporated trim detailing from the original home and carried similar elements into the roof eaves and porch. Through extensive renovation, an existing kitchen became a dining room and a new, larger kitchen was created in an addition.

The home was also expanded with a new bedroom loft, large porch, two-car garage and a second-floor office with a premium lakefront view. Balzer and Tuck also integrated an energy performance upgrade into the renovation by adding a new insulated sheathing layer to the existing roof.

“We had an excellent experience with Balzer and Tuck. Their creativity and attention to detail helped us to create the home of our dreams.” – Mike and Stephanie Haverly, Owners

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