Wellspring; A building which serves to end relationship and sexual abuse

On a wooded site in Malta, New York along the heavily traveled Route 9 corridor a single-story wood framed 8,350 sf building serves as the new home for Wellspring, a not-for-profit organization committed to helping Saratoga County survivors of relationship abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault for the past 40 years.

The building is deliberate in its planning. A central public reception area and community room was used to separate the Administrative and Victim Advocacy “wings”, providing both the privacy and safety required for Wellspring’s clients.

As a not-for-profit organization, the building was designed and constructed to respect the generosity of donors who made this project possible.

• Exposed and painted manufactured wood roof trusses offset with simple plywood ceiling accents draw the eye upwards.
• Careful placement of windows frame views to the wooded exterior, pulling nature into the building and offering a sense of calm from every space.
• An open and light filled workspace is simply appointed and offers an intentional appreciation for the administrative staff to collaborate, allowing their former basement level office space to be a distant memory.

What started as a small organization to provide basic shelter and crisis services now has a vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse in our community. Brett Balzer had the honor to serve on the Wellspring Board of Directors for six years (2010-2016). Gaining a deep appreciation for the organization and its mission while also recognizing firsthand the shortcomings of their current space, Balzer & Tuck was beyond grateful to be selected to work alongside the Wellspring staff to design their new offices and program space. Serving as architect for this building will forever be our most rewarding project.

“Wellspring had an aspirational vision for how we could expand our work to achieve greater impact and better serve our community. Balzer and Tuck perfectly captured our vision and designed a building that provided the foundation for our goals today and decades to come. Their design perfectly addressed the unique nuances of our work and created a space that has an inviting openness, natural light, and perfect integration with nature. From their first step into Wellspring, our clients feel safe, supported and hopeful.” -Maggie Fronk, Executive Director

“You walk in here and know someone cared enough about you and this issue to make this building happen. You walk in here and feel like you matter.”
– Grateful Client

“This place is a refuge; every part of it is so uplifting.”
– Grateful Client

“This building makes me feel so safe and cared for.”
– Grateful Client

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